Mirxes provides high-quality, cost-efficient RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) to meet your research needs while driving down your sequencing costs.

We offer a highly efficient solution for rRNA depletion with synthesis of cDNA libraries from a wide input range of total RNA. We then sequence these libraries using our DNBSEQ™ DNA nanoball sequencing technology, generating high-quality data for gene expression analysis and discovery of transcriptomic aberrations, such as alternative splicing events and gene fusions.

High-quality Data

Guaranteed Q30 score >85% for PE150 and PE100

Highly Scalable Capacity

Extend your research budget with more analyses at higher accuracy

Reliable Service, Fast Turnaround

Optimized workflows ensure efficient sequencing and quick result delivery.

Strong Bioinformatics Support

Expert experimental planning and customized data analysis.
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