Mirxes provides a complete suite of technology and bioinformatics solutions for advancing your single cell biology research

Single-cell genomics is at the intersection of molecular biology and bioinformatics, revolutionizing our understanding of cellular heterogeneity and gene expression dynamics. By analyzing individual cells rather than bulk populations, single-cell genomics unveils intricate cellular landscapes, revealing hidden diversity, rare cell types, and transient states in biological systems. Our advanced sequencing technologies and bioinformatics approach allow researchers to dissect complex tissues and organisms at the single-cell level, offering unprecedented insights.

Single-Cell Genomic Services

Single-Cell Whole Genome Sequencing (scWGS)

  • Complete genomic coverage with bulk sample quality from a single cell
  • Significantly lower allelic dropout and biases compared to existing WGA methods that yield low and variable coverage across the genome
  • Specific amplification of the primary template with >97% of reads mapping to the human genome

Single Cell RNA-seq

  • Complete transcriptome coverage from a single-cell within a heterogeneous population
  • Unprecedented sensitivity allows detection of rare transcripts even in low RNA sample populations
  • Provides single-cell gene expression profiles

scWGS + scRNA-seq

  • Enables whole genome and transcriptome sequencing from a single cell
  • Provides industry-leading genomic coverage and resolution
  • Superior transcriptome capture and coverage

High-quality Data

Unparalleled view of the genome, transcriptome, and targeted proteins

Sequencing Advantage

Extremely low optical duplication (~1%) compared to alternatives

Flexible Solutions

Multi-omic approach to power discovery

Bioinformatics Advantage

Analysis to call variants including SNVs, CNVs and SVs, after removing artifacts (from sequencing/ PCR/ PTA)

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