Data is at the heart of biotechnology and pharmaceutical innovation. Mirxes has the specialized bioinformatics skills, experience, and technology to unlock the value in your genomics data.

Our scientists and bioinformaticians have the expertise to provide in-depth analysis of your data—whether it’s generated by Mirxes or by another sequencing lab. We can analyze any type of genomics data using a range of state-of-the-art bioinformatics software tools and techniques in our purpose-built bioinformatics facility.

Choose from our bioinformatics packages or we can create a fully custom solution with additional computational analysis, data mining, special visualization, and more.

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Diverse Expertise

Our bioinformatics team combines experience in both data science and biology. We understand the biological processes that drive results, enabling us to get the most from your data.

Strong Network

We complement our own capabilities with a robust network of experts, enabling us to build out pipelines for projects involving a diverse range of species.

Data Confidentiality

We take the value of your data seriously, applying robust safeguards for data security and confidentiality including dedicated, secure cloud storage and delivery.

Collaborative Approach

We work closely with you to deliver services that meet your specific needs, with clear communication at every step.

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