Mirxes is your ideal partner for next generation sequencing (NGS) services tailored to your project needs, delivering high-quality results while maximizing your budget.

Our experienced NGS team uses the latest sequencing technologies, including high-throughput platforms that accelerate processes and drive down sequencing costs. We also offer Stereo-seq services for high-resolution spatial transcriptomics. Our purpose-built labs feature robust data security and quality management systems (QMS) to meet your research and regulatory requirements. And our U.S. sample depot in North Carolina ensures proper handling of samples for testing.

High-quality Data

Guaranteed Q30 scores of 80% or higher for target genomes/exomes.

Highly Scalable Capacity

Sequence hundreds of genomes or exomes in a single run.

Reliable Service, Fast Turnaround

Optimized workflows ensure efficient sequencing and quick result delivery.

Strong Bioinformatics Support

Expert experimental planning and customized data analysis.
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