Experience the next generation of genomics with Spatial Enhanced Resolution Omics-Sequencing (Stereo-seq) from Mirxes. Our Stereo-seq service provides new insight, helping you decipher genetic functions with unparalleled clarity.

Our state-of-the-art, high-throughput Stereo-seq equipment offers nanoscale, subcellular resolution with a large field of view for spatial transcriptomics sequencing. Gene expression data is integrated with spatial information at nanoscale resolution to generate unprecedented details. This offers exciting possibilities for a range of research applications—from spatial characterization of tumor microenvironment to 3D transcriptomics modeling.

Nanoscale Resolution

220nm spot size—400 spots per 100µm2 cell.

Whole Transcriptome Capture

1.5 billion reads per chip—enables unbiased discovery.

Large Field of View

Panoramic architecture with 1 cm x 1 cm sample area per chip.

Strong Bioinformatics Support

Expert experimental planning and customized data analysis.
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